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2016 June 17 - 24


Sunday, Anja and I will be in Antwerp, to celebrate the so many years existance of Klassiek Centraal. Hope to meet new people there, and just curious to learn.

Next, we are working hard on our Authentic Sound 'engine'. Anja eagerly tries to become friends with Wordpress, I finetune the older YouTube files slowly, upload the YouTube files one by one on Bandcamp. Without much effort, we had two sales already!


@YouTube especially, tonight recording of CPE Bach Württemberg sonata n°1, and next week hopefully J.S.Bach's Partita n°6 BWV 830. I have to consider this youtube channel as a part of my professional life, in the sense that it takes quite some time, both in preparation and editing. The practising and playing is the fun part for me... but the rest is necessary as well. Today, I worked 30 minutes for two thumbnails on the Grotthuss recordings alone.


Last week (I have to find a habit for this page), we visited Record Industry in Haarlem, one of the oldest and biggest vinyl pressing plants. A lot of good suggestions and we look forward to work with them for the release of our vinyl project with the partitas.


Next Friday, the 24th, I will be visiting Joris Potvlieghes work shop in my function as organ consultant for the building of a new organ in Wondelgem. And in between and more than that, I put quite some time in my 'regular' job as project manager of a challanging organ project in Leuven, for which we start the future with the preparation of an exiting Bach festival.

2016 June 3d


@YouTube: 3d of the month is Afterthoughts! Sharing on social platforms and answering the first reactions.

As every day: uploading one recording to Bandcamp

@recording project: making a list of possible (dreamlist) authors to write essays/articles for the book that will accompagne the first vinyl box of the partitas

AND: setting up the Studer taperecorder, meaning: chaning the mic cables from going to the Benchmark AD convertor, to the Studer, reading levels again on the plasmameter etc. If time with Anja: experimenting with the reflective panels that are now around the clavichord.

@desk: the usual stuff: email responses, and, finalising the adm. part of the organ dossier.

@reading: more and more impressed by the book edited by Annette Richards on CPEBach. See if I can start to put summirazes on the net.

2016, Juni 2d


Big day yesterday: first buy of music on Bandcamp. So today working out an upload scheme for the YouTube files there (in CD quality).

The clavichord should be finetuned (litteraly, the e is a bit to fast) and then I'll finish the rondo of Grothuss, Costas new variations on Mozart's Vogelfänger theme, play Bach 6th partita, and reflect reflect reflect on CPEBach's Würtemberg I. I think the first part is a real dramatic feel, and the tempo, regarding the 32d notes, must be somewhat around 8th=104. It feels right, somewhere at the horizon, but I'm not there yet. Emanuel puts me in a challenging position, and frankly, I wouldn't have thought that when played this piece first à vue... good lesson.

Normal stuff on my other projects, finalising the administrative prescriptions for a restoration of a beautiful organ of 1852 by Clerinx. Setting up the working structure around a new international Bach Festival in Leuven (that will be a topic for a long time to come, exciting!!)

And: having a meeting with Anja this afternoon to lign up the projects we are working on. Contrary to few months ago, we have develloped a clear vision on where to go, but that needs a translation in to work packages (my mind explodes at the moment).

Reading: still the book edited by Annette Richards on CPEBach. I promise myself to make my summaries of the books I read public. Why shouldn't I? Time? come on :-)...!

2016, June 1st


@ the clavichord and PC, it will be quite the same as yesterday. The "normal" mails come accross my desk and still so much to 'tweak' on YouTube, Bandcamp, Website (also for Anja), but:

@the Recording project, I must start to address some issues in a practical way. I should make a framing of the articles that I would like to see in the vinyl boxes and think on reaching out to possible authors for those to write.

@ recording setup: my mother comes this morning to finish the reflecting panels I made some time ago (I made a video on that)

@YouTube, if time allows, I could maybe record the Grotthuss rondo tonight. If not, it'll be tomorrow.

@Youtube, I'll edit the Afterthoughts for the Scarlatti video

And (I actually started with this): 1st of the month, means: new music video on YouTube, it is scheduled for 6AM, so the video is running when I wake up. But when Anja get the children out of their beds, I start sharing the video on the social platforms I'm on. And today, we had two videos: Scarlatti and Ep.2 of Your Time Q&A!

2016, May 31st


@ the clavichord: CPEBach: Würtemberg I (fingering part III) - Kostas P.: new Variations on Vogelfänger theme Mozart (taking time for the fingering -!- and practice in stead of playing...) - Bach: sixth partita, prep for YouTube. I give myself some free time to play some Buxtehude as well :-)

@ the computer: tweaking my YouTube channel in playlists, building on the website piece by piece (Anja is studying WordPress so she will have to get material), writing a report of a meeting last Friday (project Leuven, B), writing some mails connecting to that project and an organ project in Halle, and creating this NOW-page of course, thanks to an idea I picked up from Derek Sivers during a most impressive interview with Tim Ferris. Find it here.

@ before camera: recording of the Q&A of tomorrow

@ reading: further reading in CPEBach, studies, edited by Annette Richards, and thinking on how to share the books I read with you on this website!

@ family: children come home from school at 16.00h, Anja is working here at home as I am. Will take time to lie on the ground and let them jump on me (kidding: but kind of true!)


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