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Kostas Papazafeiropoulos :: Sonata op. 113 (2015) ::

Wim Winters, clavichord


I knew it would come. But still I got a shock when it happened. And even more scary because this time, our old fax machine rang. That is unplugged since months and waiting for a brave moment of either Anja or I to grab it and get rid of it.


'You have not made up your mind, do you?'

'Excuse me?'

'The celebration cd's.'

'O that. No, that is still work in progress.'

It was silent now for a moment.


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Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Wim Winters, I play historical keyboards and have a deep passion for music that I want to share with you.

Authentic Sound is the name of my channel where I upload each month three new music video's, sharing with you all those moments of true joy and deep emotion.

The clavichord... mysteriously inspiring instrument... is at the heart of this channel!

But there is a beautiful pianoforte to come...

I'm proud of having an expanding, creative community here that interact with what I produce on this channel.

Check it out and join us on these journeys that'll take you to the borders where music meet silence...

Would YOU Like to help me make a CD selection?


This channel is soon celebrating its music production n°100, and we want to do something special together with you!


More than that: I'd like you to participate with this. Authentic Sound would never have existed, or not for a long time, without you. I would never have found the energy to make 100 music videos, if it wasn't because of you. So it is natural to have you featured in this project as well.


We will be publishing two or three CD's, along with a book, both in real print and e-book.


How are we going to do this? Click on this video to find out !


Why Authentic Sound is on Patreon


This is a difficult video for me to release... and please understand, supporting us on Patreon is absolutely optional, there is no obligation, no expectation... You ALL are the main reason that I do what I do, and continue to do what I'm doing.


Of course, a little support would help us tremendously, and even one dollar/euro could make a huge difference. We have much plans that would require some support, as: going more on location, looking for historical instruments to play and record, more collaborations with other musicians / composers, visits to instrument builders (what would be a great thing to do) etc...


And, some of you have asked for possibilities to support just for what we are doing, and for that, Patreon is a great place (and really new to us, we have to learn a great deal on that platform).




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