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CPEBach would have survived effortless today ! Lessons from a master to all of us.


The book of the letters of CPEBach, which we discussed recently, contains a very comprehensive introduction, giving a symmary of the general content of the letters itself. It reads as a biography directly related to these letters as sources.



How to (legally) download all of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe :: Q&A, Your Time


A great question that might be of use to many of you: what is the edition I use for the music of Mozart and where can it be found?

The answer is a very nice one: online AND for free!



The Letters of C.P.E.Bach :: ed. Clark :: Book Review


The book I am presenting to you today, is not a recent publication, although it is not old either. It is the English translation of all the letters of CPEBach, editid in 1997 and reprinted in this edition in 2004. Translation and editing by Stephen Clark, published by Oxford University Press,



My Clavichord in a Nutshell :: Q&A Your Time


Today's question is a great one ! Eaven Rommes asks if I could give some details on my clavichord...something I should have been thinking on much earlier. I didn't realize until now that some or perhaps many of you might have been far from clavichord die-hards before you found this channel, and so, a closer look at my instrument was something that i should have thought on long ago, so thank you Eaven for pointing me on that aspect!



Visit to Joris Potvlieghe, his copy of a Specken clavichord (1743) and some Pachelbel


Last week, I payed Joris Potvlieghe a visit, as I do regularly with a focus on two very interesting organ projects, the building of two replica Contius organs, one for Leuven in collaboration with Flentrop in Holland, and one for Wondelgem, which is being build entirely by himself. For the first project I'm project manager, for the second,



Aspects of Tempo Rubato in the 18th c.


Reading through a pile of old numbers of "Clavichord International", probably one of the most international and best organised magazines, I came across several articles (among other) by Paul Simmonds, on performance practices in the 18th c. These little articles -we would call them blogs in our time - show the hand of someone who is really well informed and still today, these articles are very, very worthwhile reading.



Doubts & Decisions : JSBach Partita 2 (2) : "Cappricio"


Part 2 in this series, where I share with you my doubts, difficulties, frustrations sometimes... I cannot write a better intro than I did the first time, so why not using that again... you might have missed that, no?





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