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Beethoven: Sonata opus 53 :: Waldstein

If you once, ever, be it just a fraction of a second, or more serious, longer, as a fixed idea, thought of me as being that guy with his somewhat crazy Beethoven-clavichord relationship, this video proofs you're right.


I am.


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My Clavichord in a Nutshell :: Q&A Your Timel


Today's question is a great one ! Eaven Rommes asks if I could give some details on my clavichord...something I should have been thinking on much earlier. I didn't realize until now ...



Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Wim Winters, I play historical keyboards and have a deep passion for music that I want to share with you.

Authentic Sound is the name of my channel where I upload each month three new music video's, sharing with you all those moments of true joy and deep emotion.

The clavichord... mysteriously inspiring instrument... is at the heart of this channel!

But there is a beautiful pianoforte to come...

I'm proud of having an expanding, creative community here that interact with what I produce on this channel.

Check it out and join us on these journeys that'll take you to the borders where music meet silence...


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